Your web site should deliver your branding message and positioning statement, starting with your headline, the most important element on your site. Your logo and your tagline should “be the brand”. The web site images, copy and graphics must support your position. You should be able to explain your positioning in a short simple statement that encompasses all of the brand attributes that you are trying to reflect.
Specifically, the following elements of your web site need to be consistent with your brand’s position.

  • Brand logo

  • Brand name

  • Key messaging

    1. Positioning statement
    2. Tagline
    3. Body copy
  • Graphics – the look and feel

    1. Colors
    2. Proportions
    3. Motion
    4. Fonts
  • Your web site visitor needs to know immediately where they are. If they don’t know you, this is your opportunity to introduce your brand in a manner consistent with the rest of your marketing.

    Customer focused branding on your web site

    Your messaging and overall branding, as reinforced by your web site, needs to focus on your paying customers.  This is true even if your audience includes customers, media, investors, employees and competitors.  Every single member of your audience *wants* you focused on your customers, particularly your smart investors and employees!

    It is easy to spot a self-absorbed company that has lost its way from the 30 second Flash intro that features the amenities of their new building.  If you want to increase sales make sure your branding message is customer benefit focused and consistent across all of your marketing.